Raw Moments.

File 30-7-17, 3 29 00 pm

Raw moment // Today in chapel, I had a picture of a little girl walking with Jesus, just staring at Him in awe. Then it goes to a young girl walking on water with Jesus. She was afraid but still holding on to Jesus and Jesus was comforting her and holding her hand. Then it goes to a young lady, walking with Jesus, in a garden just chatting with Him, enjoying being in His presence. This image brought me so much comfort. And it was just like Jesus was saying to me: “Keep your eyes on Me. Take one step at a time; one day at a time. Focus on Me and I will guide and lead you. I’m next to you, hold on to me, My arms are embracing you. Just continue to walk with Me through the seasons of life. I am with you throughout all the stages of your life. I was there in the beginning and will be till the end. I will never leave you.” It’s like God knew that tonight I would be feeling confused with with what to do next, and gave me this today to hold on and to remind me of His goodness. He seriously knows best and has the best timing.
Also sharing this just in case someone needed to read this and be reminded of God’s love. So if that’s you, I’m hoping that this brings as much comfort for you as it did for me. Your Heavenly Father cares for you and loves you so much.


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