A letter of thanks


2 years ago I moved to a new city. 2 years ago I did not have the comfort of my family and the friends I grew up with. 2 years ago I had to start making new friends and relationship and create a new community for myself.

In this two years, I also started having depression and anxiety. To deal with this all alone was hard, and to make friends while dealing with this was even harder. But I’m so thankful for those who met me at my lowest and befriended me. So this is a letter of gratitude to them.

To those who stuck by me,

I just want to say a massive Thank You. You may not have understand what was going on in my mind, since I couldn’t articulate or explain my thoughts as it overwhelmed me, but you still stuck by me and reassure me that I’m not alone. You did not have to be my friend or help me get out of my this hole, as to you I was just some new person that was placed in your class or house, but you choose to stay with me through my lows and let me into your world. So for that thank you. I don’t think any amount of words can ever express my gratitude towards you, and please know that even though I keep saying ‘thank you’ to you, I don’t take the weight of those words lightly, but I really do mean it with all my heart when I say it. I know I haven’t treated you the best and in no way did you deserve how I’ve treated you, but please know I don’t take any of you for granted. I am eternally grateful for what you did, whether small or big gestures, they all mean the world to me. I would not be here or be who I am without you.

Thank you

  • For sticking by me.
  • For not judging me when I told you. 
  • For listening to me when I share, even if what I was saying was the same.
  •  For encouraging me to continue fighting.
  • For helping me cope when times get really dark and tough.
  • For being my strength and holding me up when I couldn’t.
  • For treating me as normal.
  • For pushing me and not letting my illness limit me in my potential.
  • For believing in me when I didn’t.
  • For reminding me to breath during a panic attack.
  • For checking up on me constantly, even when I seem better.

Having you all in my life, whether as friends, trainers, classmates, means the world to me. You’ve seen me only at my lowest, yet you’ve accepted me, loved me and stuck by me and for that I am so grateful to have you all. Without you, this recovery journey would have been a lot harder for me and I honestly would not know if I would have even made the progress I did, if it wasn’t for you all.  I got really lucky and blessed to have you met all of you when I did and you make me want to get better and be the best version of myself. My recovery progress is not just by my own words, but it’s a collective of all our work.

Lots of love, jasmine xx.


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