To those who’ve been hurt when seeking help.

Recently I was reading through forums of people dealing with suicidal thoughts and came across a few threads where people shared though they were struggling, they did not want to reach out to professionals and/or hospitals for help because they’ve had bad experience with it. Trust were broken, they didn’t feel like they were treated fairly and all sort of other very reasonable reasons for why they’re feeling apprehensive towards psychologists/ counsellors/ psychiatrist/ anyone in roles to do with mental health. A lot of people wrote that they would never reach out again and rather deal with the mental illness … Continue reading To those who’ve been hurt when seeking help.

The Cross.

Disclaimer: I try to make most of my post here be positive and encouraging, but this isn’t going to be one of those. I’ve been having the urge to write this over the last week but couldn’t find a positive take to it, as such I haven’t bothered. But since yesterday, something in me is telling me to write this, to share this. And so here is it. This is me being very real and vulnerable, and hopefully somehow you’ll be able to find some light in my words.  You see, I haven’t felt this broken or hopeless in a … Continue reading The Cross.

God is over my anxiety.

Peace. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and honestly I have also put off writing this for about 1.5 weeks because it feels a little hypocritical when at the moment I’m going through one of the worst anxiety period I’ve been in, which started at the end of January. But I thought I’ll share this just incase someone out there who is reading this needs the encouragement. I’m learning that God is peace amongst my anxiety. And even though I’m experiencing the worst constant anxiety and have been praying for it to be gone, but it still hasn’t, … Continue reading God is over my anxiety.

Fear & Faith.

The new semester has started and I’ve been putting off writing this for awhile now because I feel like I don’t live this out yet and I’m still letting my fear hold me back and as such shouldn’t and can’t write on this topic. However it’s been 3 weeks and I’ve just decided to write and be real with you guys on where I am right now and my thoughts on it. You see, I’ve been trying to make a subject selection since November last year.  The  choice was between a subject that doesn’t involve public speaking which I have … Continue reading Fear & Faith.

What He says, goes.

I am a planner, down to the tiniest details of things if I can. I like to have things in order and I like knowing what’s going to happen. I am also not good with taking risks and being in the unknown. As such I’m realising when I’m not in control of things, my anxiety levels is high and most of the time it starts affecting my physical body before my mind catches up and realised that I’m anxious. So I guess with the new semester approaching, with a lot of changes happening on top of a last minute trip … Continue reading What He says, goes.

Purpose in pain.

Pain. It’s something everyone will have to face in their life yet it’s something that a lot of people hide. It’s not something that’s enjoyable yet it’s necessary for growth. I know for me personally, I don’t want to deal with pain, I try to avoid if it’s possible. And when I’m dealing with pain, I want to rush the whole process and get to the other side of it as fast as possible. However recently I was thinking what if the reason for us to go through the pain we are feeling and the situation we are dealing with … Continue reading Purpose in pain.

Looking back and looking ahead.

At the beginning of 2017, the word I got from God over my 2017 was restoration. And oh my looking back through everything that happened, He indeed did bring restoration and healing into my life. It was definitely a rollercoaster year with so many unexpected setbacks that could have easily taken me out but if not for Him being with me through it all and giving me the strength to continue, I would not have made it through and come out in one. For that I am so ever thankful to God for His everlasting unconditional love, grace and mercy … Continue reading Looking back and looking ahead.

You are so brave.

Growing up and even now as a young adult, I always wanted to be known for being courageous and brave. Though people have told me that I’m brave, I didn’t believe it because I didn’t seem to qualify into any of those expectations that could deem someone as courageous and brave. I  wasn’t fighting for something that was impossible, wasn’t doing anything remarkable, wasn’t risking my life for the justice of the world. None of it. My life in a sense is very ordinary. I go to college, I attend church, I work part time, and the rest of my … Continue reading You are so brave.

There is always light.

I wrote this the other day as a reminder to myself when the darkness in my mind was so overwhelming that I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. It was a reminder to myself that there is always light amongst the darkness. You just got to push through to find it. My light is Jesus. Yours may be different. But whatever it is, find it and hold on to it. There is hope. There is light. Things will get better. And if during this holidays season you are in a night season, please know it’s okay to not be … Continue reading There is always light.