The green monster.

(image from Hillsong College) Over the weekend, I felt something in me that I haven’t felt in ages over a topic I don’t usually get bothered with. You see over dinner one night, my friends and I were talking about how in our culture today, it seems like it’s not so much how well you do, but who you know that will get you the job. It frustrated me, as in our culture we tend to talk so much about being faithful in what you have and to not chase the limelight, to not chase to be known so you … Continue reading The green monster.

A revelation I got from Princess Diaries.

(image from google) Over the weekend, I re-watched Princess Diaries because I didn’t have much today and it’s one of my favourite feel good movie. My usual favourite parts are of Mia finding out who her father was thus knowing who she really is, the make-over just because who doesn’t like feeling all glamorous, the moment she realised she can take on the role of being Princess after she read a letter from her father and when she faced her fear of public speaking and gave a speech. However on this day, what caught my attention and now is my … Continue reading A revelation I got from Princess Diaries.

A simple truth.

Lately I’ve lost myself and I’ve come to a point where I just don’t like myself. This round of high anxiety and depression is something different. I feel like I’ve lost the fight, the hope, the care and the strength in this battle. I still have not figure out what caused it or a way out of it yet and I’m just riding this wave out, hoping it’ll be over soon. But one thing I’ve been constantly reminded in all of this, is who I am in Christ and God’s love for me. Knowing this, believing it and declaring it over … Continue reading A simple truth.

Love – all that matters.

The last few weeks I’ve been consumed with doing assessments, one in particular which was my contemporary theology subject. I spent two weeks on it and I’m still going on this assessment, trying to understand all the different concepts and I still don’t get it. Over this past week, I’m just reminded that though theology is important, it is not dogma for my faith. Though all these perspectives on understanding the Word is important, what truly matters is God’s love. Love is why I have a relationship with God. Love is why Jesus died on the Cross. Love is what … Continue reading Love – all that matters.

He is whispering.

God is continually speaking to us, it’s just whether we are looking out for Him and listening for His voice. Honestly, I haven’t been good with this at all. With the busyness of life and just constantly being switched on with technology, I definitely have not being keeping an ear out for what He’s trying to speak to me about. It’s something that I know I need to get better at and be more intentional with, by learning to take things slower, creating space for Him to speak to me and just being more attentive to His voice in whatever … Continue reading He is whispering.

The power of worship.

(image is from the live stream on Bethel’s youtube) On Friday I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which explains why I’ve been feeling so tired and having constant aches in my body the last few days. At the moment, we’re just waiting for a month to see what happens, as I went from having an overactive thyroid (Graves disease to be exact) to an underactive thyroid, so we’re just hoping that now that I’m off medication, my thyroid function will go back to normal. Anyway when I found out I was a little deflated just because this is yet … Continue reading The power of worship.

Raw Moments.

Raw moment // God the Father. It might because we were asked in class on Thursday who the Father means to us or maybe cause I’ve been sick and my mind is a little foggy. But today while I was reading the prodigal son I was reminded of an image I had 2 nights ago while I was trying to fall asleep that encouraged me and I hope it does the same for you and reminds you of how good God is. The image was of the Father and me. It started of with me in His arms and then … Continue reading Raw Moments.