You are so brave.

Growing up and even now as a young adult, I always wanted to be known for being courageous and brave. Though people have told me that I’m brave, I didn’t believe it because I didn’t seem to qualify into any of those expectations that could deem someone as courageous and brave. I  wasn’t fighting for something that was impossible, wasn’t doing anything remarkable, wasn’t risking my life for the justice of the world. None of it. My life in a sense is very ordinary. I go to college, I attend church, I work part time, and the rest of my … Continue reading You are so brave.

There is always light.

I wrote this the other day as a reminder to myself when the darkness in my mind was so overwhelming that I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. It was a reminder to myself that there is always light amongst the darkness. You just got to push through to find it. My light is Jesus. Yours may be different. But whatever it is, find it and hold on to it. There is hope. There is light. Things will get better. And if during this holidays season you are in a night season, please know it’s okay to not be … Continue reading There is always light.

The green monster.

(image from Hillsong College) Over the weekend, I felt something in me that I haven’t felt in ages over a topic I don’t usually get bothered with. You see over dinner one night, my friends and I were talking about how in our culture today, it seems like it’s not so much how well you do, but who you know that will get you the job. It frustrated me, as in our culture we tend to talk so much about being faithful in what you have and to not chase the limelight, to not chase to be known so you … Continue reading The green monster.

Comfort & bravery.

This week, I’m having to say goodbye to people that I’m fortunate to have spent this last 2 years with and I just wish I didn’t have to. I was just thinking if I didn’t follow God’s promoting to come to Sydney and to attend Hillsong College, I wouldn’t have to be saying bye to people every 6 months. I thought how much easier and less painful this would be if I didn’t ever move here. And I also thought about moving back to Melbourne so that this wouldn’t have to be a constant thing because honestly the longer I’m … Continue reading Comfort & bravery.

A revelation I got from Princess Diaries.

(image from google) Over the weekend, I re-watched Princess Diaries because I didn’t have much today and it’s one of my favourite feel good movie. My usual favourite parts are of Mia finding out who her father was thus knowing who she really is, the make-over just because who doesn’t like feeling all glamorous, the moment she realised she can take on the role of being Princess after she read a letter from her father and when she faced her fear of public speaking and gave a speech. However on this day, what caught my attention and now is my … Continue reading A revelation I got from Princess Diaries.

Things to remember when you feel guilty for ending friendships.

In this 2 year journey of dealing with depression and anxiety, I have had to learn to distance myself from some relationships in my life just because it wasn’t benefiting me or my health. I struggled so much with this because personally when I let someone in my life, they’re in for good. I value loyalty and once I’m close to someone, I tend to overlook a lot of things because I treasure who they are and their friendship. So when it came to my struggles with my mental health, I was shocked when I couldn’t count on some of … Continue reading Things to remember when you feel guilty for ending friendships.

A simple truth.

Lately I’ve lost myself and I’ve come to a point where I just don’t like myself. This round of high anxiety and depression is something different. I feel like I’ve lost the fight, the hope, the care and the strength in this battle. I still have not figure out what caused it or a way out of it yet and I’m just riding this wave out, hoping it’ll be over soon. But one thing I’ve been constantly reminded in all of this, is who I am in Christ and God’s love for me. Knowing this, believing it and declaring it over … Continue reading A simple truth.

Self Reminders.

The last few weeks have been hard for me. With having an underactive thyroid on top of dealing with low depression and anxiety, I was at a lost of trying to deal and cope with everything by myself. Because of who I am and what I value, missing classes and not being able to do my best in my assessments is a huge frustration of mine and something I’m not okay with and causes my self-thoughts to be very unhealthy. As such, I would continue to make myself go to classes and finish all my assessments by the due date, … Continue reading Self Reminders.

Love – all that matters.

The last few weeks I’ve been consumed with doing assessments, one in particular which was my contemporary theology subject. I spent two weeks on it and I’m still going on this assessment, trying to understand all the different concepts and I still don’t get it. Over this past week, I’m just reminded that though theology is important, it is not dogma for my faith. Though all these perspectives on understanding the Word is important, what truly matters is God’s love. Love is why I have a relationship with God. Love is why Jesus died on the Cross. Love is what … Continue reading Love – all that matters.